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EVT Technology was founded in August 1999. After years of efforts, EVT successfully invented and first put the "Direct Driven Hub Motor" to the market. EVT is pioneered the "Direct Driven Hub Motor" and "PWM" intelligent system controller working with electric scooter. The EVT Hub Motor is with most efficiency and the less energy consumption. There is almost no transmission loss due to the unique design of no gears, no chains, and shall make EVT scooter with the less noise than other electric scooters.

By reason of the extraordinary performance, EVT electric scooters have won German Energy Saving Contest Champion from 2001 to 2004. Also, EVT scooters have obtained most of the international approval such as EU, EEC certificate, U.S.A. DOT certificate, Canada CMVSS certificate and Australia ADR certificate which do help EVT business extending to the global market such as America, Canada, Germany, France, England, Italy, Norway, Ireland, Spain and East Europe countries.

Following with EV new age coming for the past few years, EVT has put significant effort into powertrain integration for different EV applications both on and off road.

EVT will continuously contribute considerable efforts in the development of EV power electronics, especially motor controller, with innovative features to expand different applications in order to initiate and sustain green e-mobility.

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CR Series
Motor Controller

CR Series is designed for low voltage, 48~96V, motor applications. It can drive various types of motors, including induction motor (IM), permanent magnet (PM) motor, and BLDC motor, to meet different system integration requirements...
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CP Series
Motor Control Unit (Power Inverter)

The innovation of CP Series motor control unit (MCU) with DSP-based control is specifically designed for high voltage (>250V) electric propulsion vehicles, embedded with efficient IGBT module for high power density and reliability...
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CX Series
eAxle 3-in-1 Electric Drive System

The eAxle is an ideal solution for electric drive integration for electric vehicles, with the electric motor, power electronics, transmission and thermal management combined together in one compact...
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